Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Best Tuesday Night Ever Because of TAYLOR SWIFT

You read the title right. I hung out with the wonderful, Ms. Taylor Swift, on Tuesday night in Lexington, KY and it couldn't be any better than that. My seat was the highest one (holla, college students budget) but it was still worth it. I went to the concert with my coworker, Amani, and we drove for an hour to get there. Taylor Swift was amazing and I sang and danced (or jumped around), and basically just enjoyed my time to the fullest.

So pardon me because I didn't take lots of pictures, because I rather be more focused on the concert instead of on how I documented the concert. :)

We had these glow-in-the-dark bracelets that changed colors according to whatever they were set up to be. They looked so cool I swear, because the whole stage had the same colors every time the colors changed. Taylor sang the whole album of 1989 and also few of her old songs: "When I Was 15" and "Love Story".

Plus, you can tell how cheerful and sweet Taylor is. She was so sweet and told the audiences how much she appreciated us and wanted to get to know us. Also, she gave an encouraging pep talk. If I could summarize her "pep talk" in one sentence, it would be, "Being happy is more important rather than being cool." This girl knows what's up. I was never the 'cool girl', so I could relate a lot to her "pep talk." 
She did a lot of hair flips and, I guarantee you this, this girl knows how to walk a runway. My favorite song that she sang was "Bad Blood" (of course). I also liked the part when she called out "Lexington" for multiple times on her "Blank Space" song.
She also knew how to engage with the audiences... She's just an amazing human being. Oh one of the best part of the concert was, there were so many audiences who dressed up in tutus, and cat's outfits, and just cute and edgy outfits. There were a lot of cool signs as well. I should've worn my cat's ears, you know... :))

The concert was just the amaaazing, I couldn't explain it. I had so much fun and I would love, love, love to go to her concert again!!! :)
Thank you, Taylor!


ovi siregar said...

Woaahh..this is cool! Taylor such a cutie pie :)

Mary Andrikus said...

@Ovi: Completely 100% agree!!! I love her!