Saturday, October 24, 2015

I Have a Good Relationship with Food Today

Despite the fact that I worked 8 hours today, I feel so happyyyy because I had such a great day. And the main reason why I had a great day because of....FOOD. :D

So, today marks the first time I tried Taco Bell. And if you know what Taco Bell is, your response probably will be around "what???? Where have you been???" -- because this was all my coworkers and manager's responses when I told them that today was the first time I tried Taco Bell :))) Anyway, I ordered "beefy 5 layer burrito" with total of $1.69. It was so cheap, I was surprised!!! Because I never eat anything that cheap and makes me full. So, I will definitely come back because Taco Bell suits my budget very well *pfft*.

(For those of you who don't know what Taco Bell is, that place is like McDonalds but with Texan-Mexican food, which is even better).
The Wall Art in Taco Bell
Then, my coworkers invited me to eat out so I agreed. We went to Applebee's and I ordered boneless wings (10 wings), and apparently....they were half-price!!! (Yass!) I also ate few few fries and mozzarella stick from my friends because they were full and offered their food to me. Oh, and my manager gave a 25% off coupon to all of us! So, the total price of my food is $3.75. How stinking cheap is this??

I just need to say that today is a really good day. And I'm grateful for food (and also the good time I had with my coworkers).

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