Saturday, October 17, 2015

Late Night Ramblings about Kids

Guys, it's 2:30 AM and I know it's super late but...I just watched a 13-minute vlog of this cute family that went on a camping trip in Utah. I have been a huge fans and reader of LoveTaza for 2-3 years, because this family is just supeerrr cute. And also, because Naomi is a wonderful human being and she knows how to write and interact with her readers through her writing.

Watching this video makes me wanting to live a suburb life with 3 kids because these kids are just adorable. And I don't say that a lot about kids, but these kids are just special.
One of those days, I want three kids, a suburb home, and lots of cats and dogs.
One of those days, I want to live in a small house, no kids, and then travel anywhere and whenever my partner and I want.
One of those days, I want to live in a cool apartment and have a very busy work life.
One of those days, I just want to live in a beach house and have 10 dogs and cats, and surrounded by welcoming and full-of-love communities. Then, my future kid will surf as a hobby. I mean, how cool is that, to have surfing as a hobby?

I'm so indecisive for real... :))) #GeminiProbs #ENFPprobs

What funny is, I just had a phone call with Dan and we talked about having kids or what not. Then, he talked about how the kid has to be at least good in everything: good at playing music and be in a band, and good at sports , and smart, and all that such.

The reasons why he wants all of those is because he was all of those things above when he was a kid. Even now, he still be all of those things above. He's in a band, plays sports and runs because his physical stamina is superb, smart, etc.

Then, I argued that the kid should do whateverrrr that s/he wants later and s/he doesn't need to be a part of a band, good at sport, etc if s/he doesn't want to.

(Because, my kid will be a surfer)
(That's why)

And as always, every time we disagreed on something, we ended our conversation with a "we'll see how it is later then."
Dan and I argue and disagree about so many things. Which made me come to a conclusion that I think being in a relationship means arguing with that one person for a loooong period of time, but still staying with the person anyway because we love our partner and don't mind it that much.

(Or because, you realize that you're as equally annoying as the other person so it's ok) :))

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