Monday, October 19, 2015

Oh Gosh!

I just missed the bus to go home for the first time! :(

I am currently at my friend's dorm right now and I just spend almost an hour to call and texted my friends to see if they would mind if I crash for a night or not. Right now, I'm still waiting for my (another) friend's response if she would let me crash because she doesn't have a roommate, so I would prefer if I can crash at her place instead. I really hope she would response soon...

I only had 3 hours of sleep today + I didn't eat anything yesterday and just ate a real meal today at 4 PM...let's just hope I will make it tomorrow. :))

I look like a zombie right now, I swear. Sometimes, I wonder where I get my energy from. My college life this semester is the busiest one I have so far. I'm literally busy from morning-night from Monday - Thursday. And then, I can "rest" on Friday night. This is why I actually don't hang out often on Friday night because I'm usually too tired to hang out. Do I sound like an old lady already? :))

Oh well, as long as I'm happy, right?

Now, I have to rewrite my paper which comes another 2-3 hours that will be spent on writing a paper.

Gotta go!

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