Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Big Girl's Purchase

Guess what who has done a big girl's purchase today? It's me!!!!! :)

I'm proud to say that I bought this car with my own money. I honestly didn't plan to buy it exactly today but the car sales person got me good (lol). But I do already have a plan to buy a car in the future, but I just don't know it will be today. I purchased it with half of my money and I had to finance it for the rest of it. Soooo glad I bought it even though I felt so nervous at first!

Hope everything's going well with the payment though! Because I really need to take extra shift to get me settled...

Oh and also, I'm proud of myself that I chose a car that didn't suit my wants but suit my needs. I used to want a Volkswagen Beetle car, because it's so cute, but I know it would cost more and I had to repair it so often (my friends told me that). Wohoooo! I just need to think of a name for my car! :D

*Gosh...can't believe I just said "my car" * :')

Details: Toyota Yaris 2010, mileage: around 45,000 mpg.

Today is also a good day because I had somewhat productive day at campus and my mom treated me a lunch.

1 comment:

ahmad fauzi said...

pencapaian luar biasa sih bisa beli pake hasil uang sendiri. bhahaha
jadi iri.

yah, klo ikutin kemauan ga bakalan ada abisnya. pasti bakalan ingin hal yg lebih dan lebih lagi. namanya juga manusia.