Saturday, November 28, 2015

Conversation Jar

I got this idea, to make a conversation jar, from the NLS Retreat that I went to. I made this conversation jar with intention that if I ever want to know someone personally and we're in a awkward silence, I will open this jar and pick out a question from it. It turns out to be a great idea and easy to make. All you need to have are the mason jar, scrap paper that already cut out, and stickers/any decorations to decorate the mason jar (optional).

Then when you write the question on the scrap paper, don't forget to fold it in half before you put it on the mason jar. And there you go, you are done. You can have as many as questions that you want and how personal you want them to be.

You and your conversation partner can answer different questions each time, or both of you can answer the same questions.

Last night, on our video call between me and Dan, I decided to give this a try. Both of us answered the same questions and we only got to three questions because it turned out our answers were very personal and made us to feel vulnerable. The questions are, "What concerts have you ever went?", "What are you dreams?", and "What makes you happy?"