Monday, November 23, 2015

Morning Study Date

This morning, I just had a study date with one of my favorite person in the world, Mackenzie Manley. :) We decided to go out of NKU and study, just because we wanted to study in a new environment. She chose this coffee place called Carabello, and it's located in Newport. The coffee place was just soooo cute and adorable. I had a really good and relaxing day, and I am grateful for this.
Also, on the fourth picture (the picture with just the wall), there was a note in between the wall gap if you could see it clearly. Mackenzie and I found a letter between those walls so we decided to write two encouragement notes and slipped in between the wall gap, just because we wanted to.

Then, we had lunch in this authentic Mexican restaurant called La Mexicana. We liked the environment and also the food! (The portion is kind of a lot for me)

This morning is a good day, I must say. :)

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