Thursday, November 26, 2015

Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner a.k.a Friendsgiving

Had a really great pre-thanksgiving dinner last night at Steven's house! Steven is one of my good friends since two or three years ago, so it is always nice to see him. He invited all international students in NKU and I invited my two high school friends. I must say that I'm pretty good at staying in touch. ;p

(( ALL PHOTOS are by Steven Kohus, except my two selfies at the end. ))

Steven took this picture of me that I thought I look funny but people thought I look cute there! :))) I was surprised because I posed like that just for know that I can be such a queen bee sometimes. :))

My highlight of the night was when Jemin ran across the swimming pool that was already covered! It was so funny because she thought that Steven's backyard was just a concrete so she just walked casually passed the covered swimming pool while we all were screaming to tell her not to walk there.. Then she just realized that it was a swimming pool, so instead of walking back, she just ran across while screaming. It was hilarious.

Also I received some compliments that also became my highlight of the night such as,
"Mary is already 'high' in life" — Bethany
"Thank you for being you" — Steven

Let's just say the reason they said that because they saw the hyper side of me.

Overall, I really had a great night with my old and new friends. And I think I can say that I just had my first "Friendsgiving".. :)

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