Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Some Not-So-Wise Decisions (But Delicious)

Because my mom went to Indonesia for a month and I couldn't cook (or chose not to try to cook), I ate out for few times and made some not-so-wise decisions. Last week or 2 weeks ago, I was having few bad days so I decided to eat lotsss of desserts. Because desserts and food actually 'heal' me and this made me wonder, why some people (and also me) don't eat when they're sad while food can actually make things feel better?
Left to right: 1. ate an impromptu lunch with Amani at Cheddar's || 2. FIRST dessert, "the Blondy", with Bethany in one night || 3. late ice-cream with Mackenzie || 4. cute Minion at Cheddar's || 5. me so happy with my ice cream || 6. Bethany cooked me breakfast!!! I was so happy!!! || 7. SECOND dessert in one night with Bethany at Applebee's || 8. my side when I ate at Cheddar's || 9. my dessert at Cheddar's 
^ My selfie with Beth! I love this selfie and this makes me miss hanging out with her! ^

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