Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thanksgiving Day: 25% Food and 75% Dog and Disney

Spent my Thanksgiving day with my family and my family's friends at Erica's house today. The food was great as usual. I always look forward to Thanksgiving just because it's the day where people can gather and eat a lot of food without being judged.. :))

But the thing is, I spent most of today watching Disney and playing/cuddling with this big dog that I adore. I called him "big dog" just because I wanted to. He was soooo cute and always want the attention. Plus, he was asking for a belly rub to everyone which I think was the most adorable thing ever.

I finally finished my "Thank You" tree! Ashley Meyer, my APO brother, provided the supplies long time ago so I was happy that I FINALLY finished it. :D
Here are the list from the "Thank You" tree, that I'm thankful for, in no particular order:
Alpha Phi Omega, NKU, Hana, Mac and Cheese squad (the squad only consists of Mackenzie and me), the ability to love and being loved, blog, myself *duh*, being raised in Indonesia, God, MerDan, my family, beach, fun, NLS retreat Fall 2015, "The Dark Side of the Who" family, GreNadMer , my American friends, my International friends, my Indonesian friends, my "get happy easily" personality, mi madre, my BIG dreams, my car-laptop-phone that I purchased with my own money, positive mind, Akira, Mean Girls gang, and cats and dogs and bunnies.

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