Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Today I Decided to Be a Cat...

...just because I felt like it and wanted to feel good. It's true that if I wear my favorite outfit with my favorite accessories or anything my favorite, I usually feel good. Self-confidence is important, yo.

And also, I wore my pink pants with pink jacket so my outfits were very matchy-matchy today. Today is a good day, indeed.

And guess what, I'm still in a deciding process if I want to take a skiing/snowboarding class or not for next semester! NKU offers it as a one-credit thing so this doesn't charge me more since I don't go over my maximum full-time student tuition credits. I want to take the class so bad because I love to do new and adventurous things. But it does cost extra money for the season pass to the ski place + ski/snowboard rental + gas / transportation to go there, so these are my main concerns now. If I change my mind to not take the skiing/snowboarding class, I will be taking karate class instead (because I want to travel solo in the future and I need some kind of fighting skills for self-defense purposes) (I am planned-ahead kinda gal as you can see). What should I do?? Gosh, choosing between options make me excited!!! :)

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