Sunday, February 28, 2016

101 Things To Do Before You Graduate

Hey ya! I'm very pleased to say that I finally will have more "free time" which means I can blog more again! :) 

To make it fun, I want to post 101 Things To Do Before You Graduate by Patricia Hudek and Jullien Gordon, and I will post the updates over the time of how do I complete the list.

So, here you go!
(the ones that are highlighted orange are completed!)

101 Things To Do Before You Graduate:

Academic Excellence
1. Complete your academic plan
2. Meet with your advisor 3 times a year
3. Go to office hours
5. Take a professor to lunch
6. Study abroad
7. Ask a question In class

Above and Beyond
10. Conduct research with a professor
11. Finish an assignment a week early
12. Get published
14. Graduate 10 times more prepared

Campus Involvement
15. Participate in a campus tradition
16. Lead a campus organization
17. Take a campus tour
18. Attend a guest lecture
19. Join your alumni association

Graduate School
20. Take the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, or MCAT
21. Take a graduate school course
22. Visit a graduate school

23. Perfect your 30-second pitch
24. Build a personal board of directors
25. Contact 3 successful alumni
26. Get a mentor
28. Attend an industry-related meetup

Skill Development
29. Master microsoft excel & PowerPoint
30. Make a list of all your skills
31. Intern with 2 companies
32. Earn a certificate or license relevant to your career path
33 .Give a public speech
34. Learn how to use Photoshop or iMovie
35. Learn HTML & CSS

Personal brand
36.Take the gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0
37. Start a blog or website
38. Buy your own domain name
39. Create a portfolio
40. Clean up your Facebook profile
41. Create a LinkedIn account
42. Google yourself & edit your online image
43. Get business cards
44. Get a personalized email address
45. Record a new voicemail message
46. Find 2 quality business suits

Job Hunting
47.Create & edit your Résumé
48. Post your Résumé on 3 job boards
49. Conduct 3 informational interviews
50. Do a mock interview
51. Know your answers to the top 20 interview questions
52. Prepare 5 unique questions for every interview
53. Get 3 references or recommendations
54. Meet with a career advisor each semester
55. Do company research
56. Attend at least 2 career fairs
57. Recruit a career team
58. Read a new industry-related article every day for 30 days

Manage Your Money
59. Create a budget
60. Set up checking & savings accounts
61. Get your credit reports & scores
62. Eliminate your credit card debt
63. Start a $1,000 emergency fund
64. Do your own taxes

Make Money
65. Read Rich Dad, Poor Dad
66. Write a business plan
67. Sell something & make a profit
68. Get paid to do what you love
69. Interview 3 professionals about your career trajectory & salary
70. Get your real estate license

Health & Wellness
71. Learn to cook 5 new dishes
72. Play an intramural sport for fun
73. Get a physical exam every year
74. Run a marathon
75. Abstain From something for 30 days
76. Learn to meditate

77. Host a potluck dinner
78. Interview your elders
79. Go on a road trip or camping trip
80. Write a letter of forgiveness
81. Write 5 thank-you notes

Leadership & Service
82. Volunteer for 30 hours in a semester
83. Be a mentor
84. Raise $1,000 for a cause you care about
85. Organize a huge event

Personal Growth
86. Define the 3 ways you measure success
87. Set 3 S.M.A.R.T goals for the year
88. Start a "30 Day Do It" group
89. Create a vision board
90. Take a personal development course
91. Create a "101 List" for your life
92. Read the Alchemist
93. Read a spiritual text cover to cover
94. Visit your country of cultural origin
95. Journal for 30 days in a row
96. Watch 20 videos on
97. Wear a costume to class
98. Take an alternative Spring Break
99. Sing karaoke
100. Do something you'll likely get rejected from or fail at
101. Create your own list item


    Tasya Bintang Anggitta said...

    gw pernah punya nih! 101 goals in 1001 days. So far so good sih, tp udah lewat 1001 hari dan gw cuma ngejalanin kayak 40 gitu. LIst lo bagus!!

    Mary Andrikus said...

    @ Tasya: Hahah #ENFPProbz banget yah ga nyelesein list nya. Thanks tash! Tapi ini list gw copy dari buku gitu, bukan punya gw, and kebetulan penulis nya juga udah "oke" in kalo gw publish ;p