Monday, February 1, 2016

January Updates

If I could describe January in few sentences, it would be, "lots and lots of change."

I changed my whole perspective on my studies — which turned out to be a really good thing. I am very happy that I study what I love and what interested me the most. I used to take my studies as something that I learn only when I was on classes and for passing class purposes. But right now, I really want to actually study and learn off-class as well.

I moved to this new apartment just 3 days ago because it has bigger space. My family and I moved every boxes in 3 days...Three. Days. Only. We're pretty strong, I guess. ;) 
(Okay I admit, there were two guys that were helping us)
(And I only carried the most light box ever. I also packed and boxed my own stuff since my room had the most stuff that worth one house's stuff. No kidding.)

The point above means that....I GET TO RE-DECORATE MY ROOM. YAS. SO EXCITED. 

Then, I tried to apply for a second job but I had not received any good news yet.

I also applied for a study abroad program for this July (which I won't be talking about it until everything is 100% confirmed and done) and decided that I want to compete in PBL National Conference during the summer. But this time, I will take the conference in a verrrry serious manner. ;p

Last but not least, I had a very good relationship with Dan this past month. And this got me really, really, really happy.

January was a good month so far.. :)

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