Monday, February 1, 2016

This Time Will Be Different

It feels awkward to write on here again since I haven’t posted anything since November.

Let’s just say that life got in a way (lame excuse, I know) and somehow I forgot to do what I liked to do which is writing a blog.

Last semester, I had a really busy semester. I basically tried almost everything that the campus offered me and I was very glad that I accepted those opportunities. I also got trained to do new stuff at my work, which was very exciting because I love to try new things. I took 18 credit hours of class so I had to pay extra for those 2 credit hours because any hours above 16 credit hours has to be paid by our own. And so on.

This year, I started saying to myself that I want to have more free time and less busy. Not because I'm lazy, but because I just really want to focus on myself and my studies more and figure stuff out. I also had a plan to work two part-time jobs. It worked out for a while.

But now, I have different plans from last month. I still want to focus on myself, my studies, and do my hobbies more often, but I also want to still be involved. I do want to cut back on campus involvement, but cutting back doesn't mean I'm slacking. It means, I just want to focus more on things that I do and accomplish what I'm responsible for. Because apparently, having multiple responsibilities in organizations while maintaing school-work-life balance is not for me. I love NKU too much that I don't want to be "completely" away from it. And I say this pure from my heart, not for advertising purposes. 

This time, I decided to do things with my heart and that I actually want and love to do, not for fancy resumé or because people make me do it.

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