Wednesday, March 2, 2016

101 Lists: Office Hours, Dean of College, Foreign Language, Random Class, Scholarship, and National Organization

Here are the updates of some of the 101 Lists that I already completed:

3. Go to office hours
I always go to the office hours. When I was a freshman, I wasn't intimidated by the office hours. Although, I think it's better to know what are my questions first so that way I won't be running out of topics. This semester, I go to two professors' office hours almost regularly.

4. Meet the department head of your major
When I was a freshman, I met the Dean of College of Business because I needed to consult about my decision of my field of study. I'm glad that I did it because my gut tells me that I made the right decision on choosing my major.

8. Learn a foreign language
Of course I learn a foreign language because that's one of my majors... ;p

9. Take a random class
Is taking Appreciation Jazz class counted as one? But to be fair, I took that class for my general classes requirement. So, is taking yoga class counted as one then? I'm taking one this semester. One of the things that I want to do is to be a yoga instructor, so this is why I'm dipping my toes in the water first.

13. Apply for at least 1 scholarship
If I don't have any scholarships, I probably wouldn't be in college right now because I wouldn't be able to pay for it... ;p
Fun fact, I'm currently applying for 6 scholarships. Wish me luck! :) 

27. Join a national association or organization
I am currently a member of two honors society, but I really don't do anything with my membership. This is something that I've been wanting to find out and explore, so I can fully experience the benefits of being a member, not just for the fancy resumé. I'm also a member of campus organizations that have national networks: Alpha Phi Omega and Phi Beta Lambda. I went to their conferences a few times a year and this is why I travelled often because of my college involvement. 

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