Sunday, May 22, 2016

I Date Myself

I just had a me-time last Thursday and I realized that I am content with my life. I am happy, but not the "I want to jump in joy" kind of happy. I am happy with myself that I am where I need to be and everything is where I want them to be. This thursday was meaningful for me because:
  1. I enjoyed working so much. I dunno why. I worked and will be working close to 40 hours per week and I don't even complain about it. I love it.
  2. I went to this cute coffee shop and bookstore for the first time. The coffee shop-bookstore is called, Roebling Point Books and Coffee.
  3. Covington is such a beautiful place to be around.
  4. I had my first talk with my mentor and he just spoke everything that I needed to hear. His advices were, "If you have to make a decision, always step back and think if your decision has a heart in it or not. Whether it's a decision about your job, promotion, relationship, anything. If it doesn't have a heart, don't do it" and "If you think about it, successful people become successful because of their bad experiences, not because of the good ones. But somehow bad experiences are seen as something not valuable in life, which is not true."
  5. I spend an hour to read a book there and met interesting people. I met a guy who couldn't stand the thought of him reading a fiction. He said it was because "If I know it's not true or not real, I can't read it. I just can't."
  6. The sun was beautiful. 
  7. The road and doors are colorful.
  8. I took an impromptu trip to the park that I never been to, but I always wanted to.
  9. And you guessed it right, I walked around the park for around 20-30 minutes I think.
  10. My Spotify playlist was killing it. I love my own weird taste of music.
  11. And I realized that I finally got myself back. I took enough of my me-time. Spending time with myself is really a bliss.

I just love the moment when I walked around this park. I really want to treasure the feeling that I had at this moment.

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