Friday, May 27, 2016

I'm Verified As a Cat

Yo! I've been trying to post stuff about how my birthday went, but I kept falling asleep every time I got home. Maybe it's because the fact that I slept really late (between 2-3 AM), so whenever it was after 6 PM, I always fell asleep and "took a nap" till around 9-10 PM. So hopefully I can write a post tomorrow!

Anyway, I've been so happy because turns out I received so many compliments about my hair. My coworkers and managers have been really sweet to me too like a cupcake. All of them kept saying how much they love my hair, haha! :)

Also, another thing that I'm very grateful of is that my managers gave me a letter that say that I am qualified to earn a scholarship through my work! Yayy! :')

1 comment:

Christy M said...

You look so cute with those cat ears!!<3
Can't wait for your birthday post! :D