Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My 20th Birthday!

Yo! I finally have the time to post what did I do on my birthday. It took me so long because I just recently made a Flickr account, so the rest of the photos that aren't uploaded here will be uploaded THERE.
Anyway, I didn't actually expect too much from everyone on my birthday. I tried to always keep low expectation, because I just didn't like the thought that I have this one special day where I can get the extra love from the people around me. I just didn't want to feel that I need a validation from people around me. Maybe this is why I don't like birthday parties as much because I didn't feel comfortable celebrating myself (or someone else) on that one particular day. And if you think I'm trying to be humble here, then wait till you read the next thing that I will say here. The reason why I don't want to get too excited on my birthday is because.....everyday should be special. My loved ones should treat with extra care whether it's my birthday or not. ;p

On my birthday, I decided to go to Gorman Heritage Farm. My initial plan was to see the sunflower field. Apparently, due to my lack of research, the sunflower field is available during the end of September until the beginning of October. But because we (my mom, brother, and I) were already there, we decided to check out the farm. I really enjoyed my visit there. The people were super friendly and helpful. They also took care of the animals very well. I also really loved the nature there, even though the weather wasn't all that bright and sunny. I promised myself to go there again when the sunflower field is available! :)

By the way, this is the best bread I've ever tasted so far in the U.S. The bread tasted like the one I tasted in Indonesia, but so much better. The bread that I ate had such a good amount of chocolate there.

(Gatau bahasa Inggris nya apa, tapi coklatnya sampai di ujung rotinya gitu!)

Here is the picture that my good friend, Caca, sent me! :)
I know that I said above that I didn't expect too much from anyone, but I still had expectation to be treated special with this goofball. ;p He bought me Martabak instead of cake because he wanted to eat Martabak more than a cake. He bought cheese Martabak instead of chocolate flavor which is MY FAVORITE, because the cheese Martabak flavor one is HIS favorite. 

My hope in being 20 years old is that to show more gratitude to people who affected me, no matter how big and small it is. Notice that I didn't say that I want to make everyone's happy, because that is just plain impossible. But I just hope that I can give impacts to people around me like they did to me. Because my life won't exist as it is now without all of the people in my life. As cheesy as it sounds, but it's true that I won't be who I am without them. This include my family, my best friends and friends in Indonesia, my boyfriend, my super great friends in here, basically all NKU people, coworkers, friendly strangers, my friends that I know from internet, and the list goes on and on.

So thank you for those who gave grand or small impacts in my life! Here's to being 20 years old for me! :)

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