Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Best Haircut By Far!

Guess who just got a haircut's me!!!
So, so, so happy for this decision that I made. I've been growing out my hair for two years now, so I can donate it. I've been waiting for this moment for too long, ha!

I decided to cut it at somewhere nice and decent priced. I used to cut it at somewhere really cheap because I just didn't care that much. So now, I'm feeling to treat myself little something, so there it is!

Funny thing is, the girl who cut my hair is Zach (a.k.a my APO boss)'s brother's girlfriend!!! What a small world, really. Living in Florence area for almost...4 years? or 5 years? I forgot. Anyway, living in this area makes me realize that it feels I almost know most of the people. I always stumble to people a lot. So today, when I was waiting for my haircut, I met my favorite English teacher. We talked about a lot of things in 15 minutes. It's an enough time for me to know that she has a third baby now (!!!!), will be teaching back this August, and planning to go to Disney World and visit Universal Studio for Harry Potter Exhibition. 


Me: I want an effortless haircut look (What I meant by this is that I want a haircut that makes me look cool).
Kara: Okay! 
*talked about the haircut style and went through my Pinterest board*
And when it's done....

Me: *dang it I don't look cool at all* *my face makes me look cute and adorable even though that's not my intention*

(insert laughing-crying emoji here 5 times)

Kara: *while in the cutting process* What do you think about this length? 
Me: Uhm...can you go shorter, please?
And I asked her to cut it shorter. Twice.


Here is my before & after picture!

Fun fact, when I was really, really young (ok, I'm not that old since I will be technically 20 years old in less than an hour) and lived in Indonesia, people used to compliment me. They told me, I look pretty and/or beautiful with a long hair. This kinda compliment somehow made me scared to cut my hair because what if I didn't look "beautiful" anymore? I know, it's silly now to think about, but I used to be like that. I used to think about other people's opinions. Whenever I thought about cutting it, I could guarantee you that my friends would say something like "No!!! Your hair is pretty! Don't cut it!" and I would agree. I remember when I was in 4th grade, my mom cut my hair and I felt very insecure that I tried to hide my hair from my friends with wearing hair accessories..

Since I moved to the U.S when I was 15 years old, I changed. In a very good way. Moving here really put me out of my comfort zone. If you want to know how I get my confidence is actually because of my experience living here. I started to not care about other people's opinions because what matters the most for me is my own opinion.

When I turned to 16 years old, I cut my hair after around 6 years I didn't cut it. And it felt...good. I felt free. It made me feel very confident in myself because I finally had the guts to do what I freaking want. 

Besides, it's a plus that I even have the opportunity to donate my hair. This reminds me of that two stones-one bird word of advice...

This sums up why cutting my hair is important for me. The intention is never because for my appearance, but it's because I want to feel free to do what I want and feel confident.

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