Monday, June 13, 2016

Beautiful Life, Beautiful Mind

I just want to share that my life is really beautiful right now.
And this has nothing to do with my social life, relationship status, possession, people's opinion, etc. Because if it's about those external stuff, I won't consider my life is beautiful.

My life is beautiful because I'm very happy with myself.
And this is an accomplishment.

I am very happy that I learn more each day by day. I learn about myself and life. 

I learn that loving myself does not ONLY mean treating myself very well. It's also mean to accept my weaknesses and embrace my strengths.

I love myself because I am curious to learn. Last night, I just reserved two biographies of Frida Kahlo. Last night, I just watched Frida and discussed over it with one of my good guy friends. Today, I started watching movies again and I reserved a book. My interest in learning so many things keep me alive.

I love myself because I still choose to be positive no matter what happens.

I love myself that I am very, very picky to the people whom I'm surrounded with. This doesn't mean that I'm arrogant or not friendly, but this means that I'm just really picky to whom I choose as my close friends. I truly believe the people that I surround myself with are the representation of who I am.

I love myself because of my dedication to learn and be better. Even though I love myself unconditionally, I still push myself to be better and learn from my mistakes.

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