Thursday, June 2, 2016

Big-Little Date

On May 24, I went to Krohn Conservatory with my APO big, Megan. If you know me, I'm not the best at planning stuff so I literally just asked her the day before if she could hang out or nah. We had been talking to see the Butterfly Show at Krohn, but never really got a chance to do so until that day. 

As usual, we went there an hour before it closed. The good part about it was there were less people, so we could actually enjoy our visit. Lately, I've been trying to pick up a camera and I uploaded the rest of the pictures HERE.

It was a great date as usual. Hanging out with Megan is one of the things I love to do with her, but we rarely hanging out in total because we're both always busy and both of us have a cat personality, haha! :)

(Cat personality = love solitude and being loved at the same time, and always wants to be independent)

And of course, I always need either ice cream or cake at the end of the day...

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