Tuesday, June 14, 2016

I Just Found My Spirit Animal...'s Judy from Zootopia. :D

I just watched Zootopia after work today. I watched it alone because I wanted to experience go to the movies alone. I did it once when I was 15 years old and I remember that I felt lonely back I did it again and it turned out, it wasn't lonely at all! 

It felt liberating, actually.

Even though I went there alone, there were several families with kids who watched it too. And trust me, somehow it was enjoyable to watch Zootopia with kids because their reactions made me smile all the time such as they gasped, laughed, sounded surprised, and other reactions that just made my experience more enjoyable. 

Anyway, this super cheap movie ticket (it cost $1.75!!!) was worth the money and my time. 

Here are few things that I learned from Jody, the main character:
  1. Always believe that you can be anything you want.
  2. If you want to change something, the change is always start with you.
  3. Always believe in yourself. Even when the world and your family doubt you.
  4. Don't let anyone's opinions or anything to get to you.
  5. Your opinion is the only thing that matters if you're capable of something or not.
  6. You kick ass if you want to do something or be someone that nobody has ever done it before. A lot of people will doubt you. But if you made it, you can be the first of that something new, and that would be rad.

Why Jody is my spirit animal?
  1. She sees the world with the glass half full perspective.
  2. Idealist.
  3. Believes in herself and doesn't care with other animals that told her that she couldn't be a cop.
  4. A kick ass cop bunny. She is the cutest creature ever, but she's brave and smart and determined. 
  5. She's emotional. Always cheerful and positive.
  6. She's open minded.
  7. She believes in people (or animals, in this case) no matter what's the stereotype of them.
  8. She's not scared to admit that she screwed up and made mistakes.
  9. Again, she's cute. 

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