Sunday, June 5, 2016

What Being Independent Is Really About to Me

I decided to take a "me-time" today just because I know I need it. I went to Starbucks to redeem my birthday gift (which is a free purchase of an item), then I just sat there. I usually read a book or do something online, but this time I took a different approach. I wanted to actually spend time with myself without all the distraction. So, I just sat there and did people-watching and observed everything. It got me thinking, if talking to ourselves out loud is considered as normal, would all of us be comfortable going out alone then? I feel that going out alone or even listening to ourselves is not the most common activity to a lot of people... That's why you see most people going on a run with their earphones on, because they're not comfortable to listen to their thoughts. Or where we don't see a lot of people eat out and go to the movies alone, just because doing so is considered as being out of the comfort zone.

But it shouldn't be that way, right? It shouldn't be considered as doing something out of comfort zone. After all, the most important relationship is between you and your own self. I always think, the better I take care of myself and the more I love myself, the better I do to take care and love other people. So at the end, it's not being selfish after all.

I considered those who come in my life and help to take care of me, as a blessing. Which means, it's good that I still have people around me who love me and take care of me, but I shouldn't depend on them. I should still be able to stand back up and be independent and take care of myself, with or without the people around me.

Oh and also, today I found out that I love to karaoke in my car. I had so much fun singing in my car when my Disney playlist (from Spotify) was on. I probably was in my car for like a good 30-45 minutes haha! And when I was about to head home, I saw this rainbow:

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