Sunday, July 24, 2016

Does This Mean I'm Adventurous?

I haven't updated anything in here for a while. And the reason why is because I've been super busy in Mexico and I am usually do things from morning until night. I get my me-time during the late night, which usually spend on scrolling the social media, chatting, journaling, and stuff. So my current update that I can give right now is all on my Instagram because of how easy and instant it is to update things and upload pictures.

But the thing that I really want to write now is that I've been really genuinely happy. Not because I am away from home and I'm currently explore new things and area, but it's because I get to explore myself more. I found out that I actually love documenting life. I just realize that now, after all the things I've done. That's why this blog is made. And that's why I take pictures, sometimes I take videos, I journal everyday while I'm here, I have a "Awesome Things & Less Awesome Things that Happen in 2016" jar, I'm currently trying to paint things and scenery that I found fascinating in here, I have so many cute notebook for different purposes (workshop journal, short travel journal, Mexico Summer 2016 journal, 'everything random that I want to write' journal, etc) and I like to organize digital photo albums (my HardDisk consists of pictures from 2009 until now). Even when I journal, I staple all my receipts / business cards / brochure if the size fits appropriately / anything that is given to me on that day.

And this makes me happy. Somehow, finding out more about myself is an adventure itself and I do love adventures. :)
^ I specifically bought those two pens because I like to write in many colors and I don't want to carry/buy too many pens ^

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