Monday, July 4, 2016

I Am Grateful

I just thought about this last night and was thinking to post it here.

Lately, this summer has been giving me a lot of time to reflect on myself. I get to step back and see the bigger picture. For that, I am grateful.

I am grateful that I actually get to do what I dream of and what I love, without even realizing it. I always want to travel. But not just travel for fun kinda thing, I want to travel with a purpose. I even want my work has a travel itinerary included in it. But I always thought that it's not possible or it's hard to get into that level a.k.a work while traveling.

Then I realized, my college years have been giving me a lot of opportunities to explore and travel. I didn't even take any vacation during my college years. Honestly, my last vacation that I took was when I went to Indonesia after I graduated from my high school. I realized the reason why I didn't need a vacation is because my study and my organizations have been giving me a reason to have a "vacation."

I went to St. Louis, Missouri for 3 days with my former organization. I went to Chicago for almost a week because of Phi Beta Lambda, one of my former organization I was involved in. I went in to Marriott Hotel in Cincinnati and went to Florida for a week because of Alpha Phi Omega. Because of NKLI, I stayed in a great and huge cabin at Tennessee, went to Eastern Kentucky for a volunteer project, went to another part of Kentucky (I forgot the name), and I got a room with a queen size bed by myself in Lake Cumberland Resort.

And now, because I am studying Spanish, I decided from last year that I wanted to study abroad. It was something that I really wanted to do. And I know that I would find in any way possible in order to pay it by myself. And I did. So here I am, in Oaxaca, Mexico studying a language that I truly love.

For that, I am grateful.

And I hope, I always get to do this in the future. To travel with a purpose. To study, learn, volunteer, do my hobbies, and work while I travel. 

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