Friday, September 16, 2016

Photo Contest

Hey, everyone!!! I won't assume if people still read my blog since I haven't updated for a while ago.. I didn't even tell a story about my experience in Mexico, how wonderful my college experience is because NKU is a wonderful school as well, and my effort to adapt to new things including having a 'higher' leadership role in my two out of four organizations and having more challenging classes. Let me tell you this, if I don't love the things that I do, I would probably miserable because exhaustion and sleep deprived is real, guys hahahaha... I'm genuinely happy of where I am. I'm loved by my family and friends, NKU is a wonderful school and a positive community, I'm involved, and I am true to myself all the time. I'm learning every single day and to have the opportunity to do this is something that I don't take for granted. 

Anyway, I joined a photo challenge that was run by my study abroad program and they judged the winner by the amount of likes that the photo has. Because of that, I asked every single of my friends and family to like the photo for me. I was very, very, touched by the amount of supports that I had. My family, friends, and NKU community (yes! I'm talking about Spanish and study abroad department who helped to spread the word :O) went out of their way to like and share it (even few of them literally asked their own friends personally to do it!). I think the biggest reward that I got from this contest is actually the realization that I am surrounded by the best community (in the U.S or Indonesia) who supports me so much. I even got to reconnect to some old friends in Indonesia and we had a great quality chat as well. :)

So yeah, I won the contest because of the supports that I received! :)

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