Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Unspoken Advice

I think if I could give you an advice on how to survive college (or life in general) is to have a counseling session for at least once. I recommend to have it in the university because they usually charge the session cheaper and they can be free if you have an insurance that covers it. I just think college years is the years when you're trying to figure things out and can be one of the most challenging years. We all still trying to find who we are, get to know ourselves better, and survive while everything hits you at once but you gotta keep that grades up.

I've been having counseling sessions this semester and they help me a lot to go through personal things. Because of counseling, I feel more confident to be aware of my feelings and to be more open to share things. 

Myth: they will share your stories.
Fact: I don't know if this is applicable to everywhere, but a Kentucky licensed counselor has to keep everything confidential with whatever you share. They will only report to the appropriate person if you put yourself and/or other people in danger or if you have a suicidal thought.

Myth: they will judge you and tell you what to do.
Fact: they don't judge at all, but they will listen to you 100%. Their job is not actually to tell you what to do. In my experience, my counselor always helps me to figure things out by asking questions. Sometimes, I don't even realize that I "know" what's going on, until I answer the questions. My counselor helps me to see things and the big picture clearly.

Myth: you go to a counselor if you are mentally sick and/or because you're a bad person.
Fact: this is not always the case. Because, does going to an academic advisor means you're dumb? Does having a personal gym trainer means that you're incapable of working out? Having a counselor means having someone to help us, not to "heal" or "fix" you. 

Again, this is just my personal recommendation. What works for me doesn't mean it works out for other people too, but I hope it helps!

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