Friday, September 23, 2016

What Today Is

Today, I had a lunch with my mentor. He told me, what I took as a compliment:
"I feel that you are an old soul that is trapped in a young body, but you have that childlike personality. You have a dual personality that is combined."
Today, I also learned that in a meeting, I need to know in advance what I expect if it's needed such as if I need to leave early because I need to go somewhere or anything else.

Today, I also learned that I don't have a road rage in daily basis, but I do have a terrible road rage when I'm in a hurry. And it's exhausting to have a road rage. (Also, it's dangerous to speed in general...)

Today, I found out that I want to play more board games and I have a wishful thinking that maybe one day, I will raise my family by playing board games ;p (or raise them to swim/surf/dive since I've been wanting to have a beach house in the future lol)

Today, I learned that the most precious thing to receive from someone else is a feedback. And my dad gave me a feedback about my LinkedIn profile that I need to change my profile picture.

Today is a really busy back-to-back, but a happy day. :)

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