Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Akira itu kucing malaikat"

Just a warning, this might be a sad post so if you're not up to sappy post, you can ignore this. Or not, whichever works. I'm not trying to make it sad because I'm trying to see things in positive perspective instead.

So, my sister whose soul in a cat's body, passed away on Wednesday at 6:54 PM.

She has lived with my family for 16 years and that's why I think of her as my sister. I don't want to post much about her death because grieving on death has never been my strongest suit. But, all I want to say about this is that I'm truly happy for her....that finally her pain has ended and she doesn't need to suffer anymore. You see, before she passed away, she's been feeling really sick since August. My family tried everything and the doctor told us that she only had less than 25% of survival due to her age. 

Last Friday, September 30, she threw up bleeding. That's when my family decided to pray together for her. I cried really hard and I already prepared myself to let her go since that day. And on the next few days, my family went to Father so he could bless our cat before she 'goes'.

I'm very sad that she had to leave, but at the same time, I'm not too sad either because I'm relieved that the pain is over for her. She was a very active and talkative cat and because of her sickness, she couldn't do anything and got quiet. I just couldn't see her suffer anymore and I know my family couldn't either.  I also believe that heaven and hell exist, and I know that Akira is happy in heaven right now.

Her passing away made me realize some things:
— My family is truly the best family and I'm really grateful to be a part of this. My family is the kinda family who doesn't give up on things, especially on people. And from this experience, I get to see how my family never give up on Akira so we're willing to send Akira all the way from Indonesia to the U.S even though the cost is expensive. Family comes first and Akira is a family to us.

— When they say, don't take things for granted, is true. I admit that I took Akira's love for granted when I shouldn't. So I'm planning to live in the moment more and appreciate my loved ones more, including my brother's cats and my sassiest baby girl (Hana).
— Time is really, really, really short and limited. It felt like yesterday, that I was 5 years old in Ciputat and Akira was born. And the time, roughly a year, that Akira spent in the U.S really felt so fast.

I post this because today is supposed to be her 16th (in human's year) birthday. Rest in peace, to my soul sister. Thank you for all the memories that we have shared.

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