Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Aquarium Date

Went to Newport Aquarium with Cheyenne yesterday and I had so much fun. Mainly because I got too excited over little things, haha. My highlight is definitely when I saw the sharks. Ever since I watched The Shallows, I got into sharks so much. I just think they're the most misunderstood creatures because humans always thought sharks are killers and mean and cruel creatures. If you see this image under, it shows that there are total of 6 people who are killed by sharks in 2015. I know that 6 lives are still matter, but if you compare on how many sharks that are killed by humans, you would know that humans killed more sharks than sharks ever killed humans. It's sad. The Shallows shows how sharks get closer to the shore due to global warming and how invasive humans are with their habitat.

Anyway, this is the pictures from the Aquarium. I might upload more when I transferred the pictures from my phone.

Do you know that Lionfish are considered invasive? The reason why is because the more they eat, the bigger they are and they can basically eat anything they want--including the creatures that they're not supposed to eat too. That's why it's not okay to let go of these Lionfish to the ocean.
So if you ever get mad at someone, just send them this picture with a caption, "this is you." ;)


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