About Mary

Hi there, I'm Mary! I've been writing this blog to share my personal life. Here are fifteen facts about me:
  1. I am a senior student of the Northern Kentucky of University.
  2. I was raised in Indonesia for fifteen years of my life, and moved to the United States after two months I turned fifteen years old.
  3. I speak two languages fluently: Bahasa Indonesia and English. I'm hoping to be a trilingual in Spanish soon.
  4. I am a hardcore cat person. I love dogs too. It's just, my personality is so much more alike with cats than dogs.
  5. I love to travel and want to always travel with a purpose!
  6. Colors are my thing. This is why I enjoy painting so much.
  7. I have a thing with recording memories, just because I love life, spending quality times with people, and value little things so much. This is why I journal a lot (I have journals for a different occasion) and enjoy photography.
  8. I have hobbies similar with an introvert, but I'm actually more extroverted than introverted. If I can scale this, with 100 being the most extroverted and 0 being the most introverted, my scale would be in between 55-60.
  9. I play the ukulele!
  10. I am a Gemini. My MBTI was always ENFP, but somehow lately I can relate with ESFP too.
      11. I am currently in a long distance relationship for more than four years.
      12. Living a healthy life physically, mentally, emotionally is the goal.
      13. My favorite Disney characters are Simba, Judy Hopps, and Marie. 
      14. My spirit animal is Marie the cat from the Aristocats movie. (watch the clip HERE)
      15. Please say hi to me at or tweet me @maryandrikus! I love to get to know people!

Thank you for reading and have a good day!

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